3 pack Infrared Sauna (45 minutes)

3 pack Infrared Sauna (45 minutes)

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The most current research shows behavior change techniques are now critical to weight management programs. Sunlighten saunas are beautiful, enjoyable experiences using infrared light to heat your body from the inside instead of heating the air. Infrared saunas can do more for the body’s health in a more pleasant environment (between 110 and 130 degrees) than the harsh suffocating heat of traditional saunas (180-210 degrees). Built-in chromotherapy lights create body-balancing beauty and calm.

Listen to music or watch a favorite show while the infrared light therapy does its work at the cellular level to expel toxins, increase circulation, spark metabolism, burn calories and help decrease waist size.

Additional Benefits include: 






🌀Heart Health

🌀Muscle Recovery